Tasmanian Oak Flooring
Tasmania Oak

12mm 1.897sqm Tasmania Oak Premium Laminate Flooring

Description of 12mm 1.897sqm Tasmania Oak Premium Laminate Flooring

Tasmanian Oak Flooring

APLUS Tasmanian Oak Flooring comes with a 20-Year Residential Warranty, making it a long-lasting and suitable option for families. Tasmania Oak is known for its durability and ability to withstand regular use.

Product Specifications

Durable: features a three-star Abrasion Class (AC4) rating, the highest available for residential-grade laminate flooring Easy to Install: boards connect with an easy to use click system Family Friendly choice: stain, scratch, impact and burn resistant laminate flooring that is easy to maintain

20-year residential warranty

Each pack contains nine boards or 1.897sqm. Floor Select 12mm laminate flooring combines the beauty of timber with the durability of laminate to create a hard-wearing, family friendly flooring solution. The 12mm thick boards feature an ultra-impressed wood grain you can both see and feel while pressed bevel edges add depth to the floor. Together, these decorative finishes harness the beauty of timber to mimic solid wood floors. Featuring an AC4 rating and a 20-year residential warranty, Floor Select 12mm laminate flooring is a hard-wearing flooring solution that will maintain its beauty in even the busiest areas of your home. Install in your bedrooms and highly trafficked spaces such as entertainment areas, lounge rooms, dining rooms and hallways with confidence. Floor Select 12mm laminate flooring is available in nine distinct colours.  

Tasmanian Oak Laminate Flooring

Tasmanian Oak is a species of hardwood tree that is native to southeastern Australia, specifically the state of Tasmania and the Australian state of Victoria. It is widely known for being the tallest flowering tree in the world, with some specimens growing up to 100 meters tall. The Tasmanian Oak Laminate Flooring is highly valued for its strength, durability, and attractive appearance. It has a pale, straw-like color with subtle variations in tone and texture, making it a popular choice for furniture, flooring, and other decorative applications. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Tasmanian Oak is also prized for its sustainability. The species is carefully managed by forest authorities in Tasmania and Victoria to ensure its long-term survival, and the timber is harvested in a responsible manner to minimize its impact on the environment.